KS1 themes

Our curriculum is designed into themes or topics so that we can make links in learning between individual subjects – just like the real world. Each theme has been chosen to ensure that we cover all the areas from the National Curriculum; but we also add some of our own so that our curriculum matches our children and the community that we serve.

At Key Stage 1 we have a two year topic cycle. When our children start in Year 1 they will work their way through all the topics so that by the time they move up to the juniors in Year 3, they will have studied and explored all of the areas listed in our topic plan.

We plan, teach and learn each topic as a whole key stage – so for example, every child in Key Stage 1 will study Space at the same time. However, the activity and skills will vary, depending on the age group.

This also means that staff plan together; we use each other’s strengths in our curriculum design, and we can truly plan progression across the whole key stage and ensure our children never repeat an area. Shared activities also means collaboration across age groups for our children – another feature of the real world.

Above is the topic framework for our curriculum. You will also find links to our planning where the progression of skills is clearly set out for you.

Some subjects are taught discreetly, and those areas such as science are also provided in the links: however we make links through those subjects and the topics whenever possible.