The most important job we do at Moor End Primary School is keeping our children safe. To do this we have a number of policies and procedures that everyone who comes to our school must follow. Below you will find links to them all. As a school we keep a ‘safeguarding portfolio’ which all staff have read and agreed to follow. We follow Lancashire County Council guidelines and use their ‘Continuum of need and threshold guidance’ to decide the level of support our children require. The designated safeguarding lead (DSL) in school is Andy Martin (Headteacher) who has overall responsibility for safeguarding. We have two back up DSLs. Philip Sumner our Deputy Headteacher and Gemma Hall our learning support mentor. All three members of staff are qualified to make decisions regarding the safety of our children. We aim to work closely with families in times of need, and early intervention can reduce social barriers to learning effectively. However, we will also work closely with outside agencies such as family support workers, the police and social workers if we think any of our children are in danger. We make no apologies for making difficult decisions if needed. If you have any concerns about a child then do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Our plans to maintain our high level of safeguarding this year CAN BE FOUND IN ALL OUR POLICIES OUTLINED BELOW



Keeping your child safe online

Please click HERE for advice about how parents can keep your child safe online.