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The admission number for reception learners is 30 children. These learners are of age 4-5 years. Usually, the school can accommodate all children whose parents apply for a place.

Moor End follows the Lancashire County Council admission policy if the number of applicants exceeds the number of places. The criteria used for selection are:-

  • A brother or sister of a child already at the school when the younger child begins school.
  • A child whom the local authority accepts there are strong medical, social or welfare reasons for admission.
  • The remaining places will be allocated with reference to the distances between home and the nearest alternative school to the school preferred by the parents, at which as place is available, and between home and the school of the parents’ preference.
  • If pupils from our Special Educational Resource Facility (SERF) are in classes taking the number over 30, they will be accompanied by an extra adult. We have the correct number of teachers in school to address the ratio for the numbers of teachers to pupils.



+-Click here for further details about Lancashire’s admission arrangements that we follow.