This document sets out the areas of computing to be taught in Key Stage 1 and 2 at our school.

It breaks down programmes of study to individual year groups and should be seen as a documentation of Non-Negotiable areas of study that will ensure that our school meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. It is our legal requirement as a school that all of the areas stated are accessible to all children as they make their way through our school.

The programmes of study should however be seen as a minimum requirement. As well as those outlined in this document our own school curriculum and ethos demands that children should be encouraged to study and learn beyond the national guidelines. Our children are encouraged to find connections between subjects; to recognise how the way the world works is linked; that discreet subjects do not provide a full understanding or awareness of the world around them.

All aspects of science should be taught not as a means to build up a bank of facts and information, but as part of a way to build on the following skills:

  • To be curious
  • To be collaborative
  • To be adventurous
  • To be reflective
  • To be creative
  • To be resilient
  • To be adventurous
  • To have fun

These aspects are reflected in our Topics and Themes from our wider school curriculum and whenever possible the programmes of study should be taught alongside those themes. To that end the times or term each programme of study are taught in any one academic year are not fixed. We encourage flexibility to meet the wider aims of our curriculum. This document should be read in conjunction with our wider curriculum documentation.

Our school curriculum evolves and changes to meet the needs of our children and to reflect both the school community and the community our children come from. We will always meet statutory coverage, however our themes and topics will change as our community and the community we serve also changes.