Reception Class

Welcome to Reception Class

Mrs Holdsworth
Class Teacher

Mrs Ainscough
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ellis
Teaching Assistant

Information for Parents

Beginning of the day

All reception children may enter school from 8.45am where Mrs Holdsworth or Mrs Ainscough will welcome the children every morning. The children come into school via the Foundation Unit entrance (off Bright Street). Any children arriving after 8.55am should go to the main entrance (White Ash Lane).

End of the day

School ends at 3.15pm.

Children will wait in the Reception classroom for their name to be called. They will only be released to parents or carers whom the Reception staff know. Please inform school if for some reason a different adult than usual will be collecting your child prior to hometime.

Homework and Reading

Please check your child’s red bag for homework on Friday. Homework is explained on the Friday Reception newsletter. The newsletter will be posted on Tapestry each week.

Monday and Thursday- reading books will be changed. Please make sure your child’s book is signed after hearing them read. Comments on how your child read their book are most welcome. They need to be in their red book bags on those days so we can change them.

Homework will be posted on Tapestry and displayed on the outside noticeboard too. This will usually be set on Wednesdays. It is important you check the red bags every day for any additional letters/information.


Tuesdays and Thursdays are timetabled P.E days. Please ensure that all earrings are out of ears on these days and long hair must be tied back for safety reasons.

Outdoor Play

Please ensure that your child has a pair of wellies in school all of the time and they wear suitable clothing. In winter a warm coat, hat and gloves and in summer a sun hat and apply suncream before school. As part of our curriculum the children will have the opportunity to play out everyday. School provides waterproof coats and trousers for the children to wear outside but they are very thin and just act as a waterproof.

Finally, if you have any concerns about your child please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Holdsworth or speak to Mrs Ainscough in the morning during door greeting duty time. Longer appointments can always be made with Mrs Holdsworth for after school.